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History of Europe

How can Europe address the huge problems of the world?

by Angelika Podkowa, 2010

        In view of the great problems of the world such as hunger, disease, poverty, deprive society of the right to decent and good life, Europe has to help them regardless of whether the stability of the old times the country. 
        Material assistance is clearly needed. Posting clothing
essential medicines, safe drinking water, cleaning agents - they are items necessary for each of us to live a dignified life. However, excluding material things, poor countries need particular support spiritual, because it gives believers their lives and their fate under the care of God (depending on your religion). Europe as a power of faith Christian should be tolerant to other faiths and support them in case of crisis or collapse.
        Another important point is military support for countries with large demand for the military and the weak, unstable borders. Attacks on such areas often lead to unnecessary bloodshed and suffering people civilians. If each European country has sent dozens of professional soldiers who trained English speaking base to third, can not afford to build a strong army, would benefit, ,,plus in the eyes'' other countries as well as the gratitude - an important value in modern times. 
        In current years, despite the rapid development of science and medicine in many countries there is an epidemic of diseases that kill hundreds of thousands of people annually
- They are diseases for which medicines can be found in the first higher pharmacy. Is such a large power, the problem of how Europe is to send a few boxes aspirin, vaccines for tuberculosis or cold? Now, I dare say, it is not. 
        One of the major problems yet, the whole world is global warming - I'm still under research and opinion variables.   Europe for some time indicates the risk but not much doing in the towards its solution. Trees are the lungs of the Earth - if every man, at least once a year, but planted a tree that
naturally neutralize the CO2 emissions of this gas into the atmosphere would reduce the, perhaps curtailing the problem of warming. Is it worth it to organize such a campaign around the world? Yes! If only half of the population in that it
took over and so it would be 3.1 million new trees. In the hands of the media is only of Information about the transfer of real risk. For emissions carbon dioxide also contribute to gasoline vehicles, oil, steel mills and other workplaces, which emit gases into the atmosphere (smoke). Here, Europe's task would be to encourage more emphasis filter than ever before. Also managed to reduce the phenomenon of acid rain. 
        There are of course all the problems, because these could be mentioned here much more. What is the purpose in all this, Europe? First, to improve life on Earth, and secondly to reduce conflicts at different levels, thirdly, the satisfaction of a job well done, and fourth: Help Mother Earth through the gifts of respect for humanity.

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