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Institutions of the EU

Current decisions of the court of the EU (summary)

by Miri W., 2010

On the 24th June 2004 a big word was spoken in Luxemburg: Human rights stand before the freedom of the press!

The case of Caroline prinzess of Hannover (also Caroline of Monaco) gave the population of germany topics to talk over the "Carolin-judgment".

At 1999 she went to the court, because the paparazzi announced pictures of her privat life. Netherless she lost her case and the court didn't aggree with her. By this defeat the princess of Hannover went to the court of the EU - successfully. In 2004 she get a agreement of the case.

But what happend with the press through these judgment of the court?

This judgment has a big meaning of the boulevard press because they have less freedom of the press. Or less majority.

At second point the buisiness volume of the newspaper decrease because the people wants to read much information of their idol.

But what becomes with the population of germany if they don't know important things?

This question is very important for the population.

In addition the humans have a right for their privacy. The job of the european court is to protect the human rights.

The pictures from Carolin von Hannover was made in workday situations. So the court said, that it is a disruption of the press. If the pictures are important for the population, the papers have the right to make it public.

A lot of celebrity profit of this law and have the chance to have a privacy.

So the european court is very important for the humans. It gives some important human-rights. It is effected for our life.

My result of these topic is, that the fight about the rights of one person is similar with the rights of the press.


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