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Education in Europe

Education systems in the Czech republik and Germany

by Daniel Kolinsky, 2010

6. 5. 2010

Daniel Kolinsky

 Education systems in the Czech republic and Germany

 If you think about, which school would like to do. I can recommend you learn in the Czech Republic and Germany because we have similar systems. In the Czech republic we have to finish primary school. Our primary school has nine years. Then we can choose which school we would like to do. We can choose Gymnasium or High school or Secondary primary school. Gymnasium, High school and Secondary primary school have four years. And in these schools we can graduate. We have to make the graduation in four school subjects. If we pass this exam, we could study in University or in the special school which has focus on jobs. And then we can work and make some money. And this is important for us to finish University.

In Germany exists similar education system. In Germany you have kindergarden and when you are more than six years old, you have to study in primary school. Germany´s primary school takes four years and then when you are ten years old, you can choose from three schools. The first is Hauptschule, next is Realschule and the last is Gymnasium. Hauptschule takes five years of studying. Realschule takes six years and if you are in the Gymnasium you have to study nine years. When you finish these schools, you can study in college or at university. And than you can find some good job.

I think these systems are very good. If I compare school systems in the world, I can say that the one in Czech Republic is the best.

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