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Institutions of the EU

Strategy Europe 2020

by Carolin Ludwig, 2010

On 3 March 2010 the European Commission introduced the Strategy Europe 2020 in Brussels, which is a plan to stabilize the economic situation.
The global economic crisis, that has been the worst since the nineteen- thirties, has brought some serious consequences about, particularly in the EU: excessive debt, an inert structural growth and high unemployment, are only a few, but some of the largest consequences that must be corrected to not only improve the economic situation, but also to attain quick and lasting results and in the case of another crisis to deal quickly and effectively. Thus, the European Commission has established the following priorities:

  smart growth: development of a knowledge-based and innovation
  erowth: promoting a greener and
    competitive economy
  integrative promoting growth: an economy with high employment and
    distinct social cohesion

The former prime minister of Portugal José Manuel Barosso, the current president of the European Commission, commended the economic crisis as follows: "Europe 2020 describes what we must do today and tomorrow to get our economy on the right track. The crisis has unfolded the basic problems and corruptive trends, we can not ignore any longer. Europe has a growing deficit that endangers our future. We have to go about our weaknesses and profit from our many strengths. We need to build a new economic model, based on knowledge, a low-carbon economy and a high level of employment. We only can win, if all the players get involved in Europe. "(Source:

The European Commission has the following measures as a goal to deliver the member states of the EU in order to overcome the economic crisis:

there are fewer than 20 million people in the EU, that will be at risk of poverty
75% of people aged 20 to 64 years are in work
the proportion of early school leavers should go back to below 10% and 40% of young
    people should graduate from tertiary education
the "20/20/20" climate and energy goals need to be realized
3% of EU gross domestic product should be invested in research and development

To implement the objectives of the European Commission has put forward some key initiatives, such as "Youth in Motion" and "European Platform Against Poverty", to support the social economy.

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