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History of Europe

Poland and Germany - on the road to being good neighbours?

by Klara Peter, 2010

Poland and Germany have been in a bad relationship from the 10th century on. Between the Second World War Germans killed many Polish people and because of that incident they do not have a good relationship. During the war, about 6 million people were killed – Jews, but among them there were also people who weren't jews (gay people, Muslims, disabled people...). These two countries battled many wars against each other.
A Polish girl also told me that they are not good friends with Germans, but however, they are improving that.
The two countries share interests in many areas and they are both members of the EU, so Poland is an important partner for Germany. In Poland, one often hears the charge that the Germans are trying to rewrite history.

Warsaw during second world war

I think that they are moving towards being good neighbours, their relationship has improved over the past decades, and I think it's getting better in time.  So maybe one day their countries may become a good and friendly neighbours. Poland is a very important country in EU , and it would be a shame if Germany countinues to act in this way as they are now. I think that both German and Poland want to have a good relationship with each other, and they are doing their best to improve this.

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