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Education in Europe

Educational systems in Slovenia and Germany

by Pavlina Sztefkova, 2010

Slovenia and Germany two countries, witch are part of middle Europa. What´s different between education in Germany and Slovenia? I think, school system in both countries is very similar.

You can compare alone. Here is some facts:

Small children (from 3 years old) start attending kindergarten. Teachers play with them, teach them to know colors and to behave well. Children go to primary school after kindergarten. When they finish primary school, they can decide which school they will attend (grammar school or secondary school). When they choose grammar school, their chance to get job in the future is bigger. From grammar school they can go to "apprenticeship" or "college". The German school system is really difficult. Most of German people in our seminar say: "Our school system isn´t good. We learn a lot of things, which we won´t use in the future. We don´t understand our system ourselves."

Slovenian education is maybe easier then the school system in Germany.  They have the same system like in the Czech republic. Children attend primary school from (6-15 years old). They have eight classes. After primary school they have to choose between grammar school and high school. When they finish grammar school they have to do graduation exams and then they can go to university. Studying at university from high school is a bit difficult. They have to do graduation exams and after that they can go to the university. Slovenian pupils are satisfied with their school system. In my opinion the Slovenian school system is better.

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