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Living in Europe

What do Hungarians and Slovenians have in common?

by Miriam Krunkel, 2010

Hungary and Slovenia, two countries which just border each other. But aren´t two countries, which are separated by a border, also connected? The fact that they are neighboring countries is not the only reason that connects. In this article I will try to explain, how Hungary and Slovenia are connected.

Until 2004 neither Hungary nor Slovenia was part of the EU. Both countries were excluded from the community and they hoped to join in. This would have meant a political cooperation with the other countries, financial support for more prosperity and a growing economy, etc. And on 1st May 2004 it happened. Together with some other countries, Hungary and Slovenia joined the EU. This exclusion, which both countries had to experience and the common joining in the EU, connected them.

After the joining something changed. Hungary helped to improve the infrastructural links in the neighboring countries, for example the motorways. Hungary wanted a better connection to the surrounding countries, also to Slovenia. Before Slovenia became part of the EU, Slovenian pupils also had the possibility of learning Hungarian, but after the common joining of the EU, more and more Slovenian pupils started learning Hungarian. I asked a Slovenian girl about the Hungarian language. She told me that most Slovenians like this language, including herself.

Two other connections between the countries are on the one hand the common neighboring countries. They are Austria and Croatia. On the other hand they both are connected by their main religion. About half of the people belong to the Roman Catholic religion.

I think every Hungary and Slovenian has his own reason to feel connected with the other land. So everyone should know it on his own, if he feels connected. All in all I think every country in the EU is connected with each other.

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