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Education in Europe

Should everyone take a job before starting to study?

by Tamás Kovács, 2010

I have spent 6 days in Bad Marienberg where I got to know about education of other EU countries. My subject was about relation of working and studying.

In my opinion people who are really ambitious don’t take a job before studying. If they have distinct conceptions, nothing can dislocate them from their plans. However it also depends on money.There are a lot of students who don’t get financial help from the government so they have to pay their school fees from their own wallet or they can’t start studying in the university or college. These people have to find a job to earn enough money to begin the higher schools. In Hungary there is a huge problem in finding a job because the country is in trouble caused by the economic depression. There are some people who try their luck in abroad which means that they travel to other countries for a few years to work for the costs of studying.

I think, it’s a great thing to acquire a profession before the university because there will be a second chance in real life if people fail during the higher education or can’t find a job after graduation.

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