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Living in Europe

This is what Slovenians are like...

by Lenka Tomanova, 2010

Every country is represented by its inhabitants. We judge nations according to the behaviour of the people who live there. And I hope that after reading this article people would visit Slovenia one day.


On the internet I founded, that Slovenians are mostly nice poeple, friendly and helpful. So it didn´t surprise me, when they were smiling all the time and just acting like I´m their friend already. For some nations is typical to be not so polite to foreigners. But it´s definetly not the case of Slovenians. In the fact all Slovans are something like that and thi s the reason why I can better understand to their character. The Slovans are just like one big family and only borders of the states divide them.

When somebody wants to get know otrer nations, searching anormations on the internet isn´t enough of course.  The best you can do is talk to people, get their opinions a found out what they are really thinking.At the begining of my little research I started to ask Czechs what for experiences as well as thoughts about Slovenians the have. Almost every person I asked told me stories from our seminar, here in Europa-Haus Marienberg only. Especially from togeher evenings. 

Together evening seem to be the bet way how to get to know each other. One day we were talking about the arcticles what we write and some Sloveninan girl started to telling me what are Slovenians like. I was i bit curious that the first thing what she told me was: "Slovenians are too envious and when a neighbour buy a new car we do anything to get the car too." This Honesty really surprised me. It was like expression how open they are. I addition she said they love fun, laughing, enjoying the life and they are just a party people (what I can confirm). After her speech I have a feeling that the words aren´t enough when I want to describe Slovenians.

For me it´s not so difficult to understand Slovenians because I´m Czech and both our nations come from the same historical kind. But I still hope that not only Slovns will be connected like that and we found a way how to make a one big family from the whole Europe. Of course EU has already strated to doing this and in our seminar I can see that EU succed and worth it.

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