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Living in Europe

What do Germans and Slovenians have in common?

by Gregor Horvat, 2010

I will start with an explanantion of what I'm going to write in this article. I will focus on what Slovenes and Germans in have common. For example, Slovenes and Germans have in common a few traditions like a carneval.

They both have also some common holidays as are: The Reformation Day, The All Saints' Day, Christmas, The New Year's Day. Germans and Slovenes live on the same continent, are in the European Union and have the equal money currency - EURO ( € ).  

Besides the above mentioned things, there are also a few proverbs that these two nations share:

Slovene version / German version

Rana ura, zlata ura / Morgen Stund hat Gold in Mund

Kjer se prepirata dva, tretji dobiček ima / Wenn Zwei sich streiten, freut sich der Dritte

Ko mačke ni doma, miši plešejo / Wenn die Katze aus dem Haus ist, tanzen die Mause auf dem Tisch

They also have pretty similar music (folk pop music). This music is characterized by the accordion melodies, guitar, drums, trumpet and  flute with one or more singers…

My opinion:

These two countries don't have just things in common, both also have a few different things, like the school system, there is a different language in each country. People in Slovenia and Germany are very open and sociable, they like meeting new people.

I think that in the near future both should become more connected and they should offer more jobs for each other. They also have to do something with the school system – for example, by offering more possibilities for young people to study in other countries.

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