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by Johanna Schley, 2010

Kdo neskáče, není Čech! Hop, hop, hop!
Who doesn’t jump, is no Czech. Jump, jump, jump!

Europe house Bad Marienberg. 1 week of international editor workshop. Not quite a composition you would assume straight away. 120 students from Poland, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia and Czech Republik meet up here. What they all have in common is having fun writing articles and the interest in cultural exchange.
The „Country Market“ offers everyone the possibility of getting to know the other countries. The Czech jumps, The Slovene tells about his 48 kilometers long coastline, The Pole cooks (even though a tradional food culture does not exist in Poland) and the German mimes drinking beer.
These countries are connected by the membership of the European Union which is the common topic of the workshop. Within the Europe week we visit the house of history in Bonn and research about a certain topic regarding the European Union. The branches are history and institutions of the EU, education and living in Europe.

Have fun reading!

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