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History of Europe

We need a light in our lives

by Betsabea Duric, 2010

People from all periods of time passed through many wars which caused deep and incurable cuts in many hearts. Although people have been trying to build happy and peaceful world, we still haven't reached the proper point yet. Instead of building a world of joy and laughter, we've created a world full of cry, sadness and dark shadows, leaving deep wounds in souls of millions of people. Although people are the most developed species in the planet Earth, I believe that we are the only ones who kill each other for completely unimportant things.  All the wars on our planet brought mankind from idyllic world to idyllic zone of dead. If we take America for instance, it has been through American Revolution, American-Mexican war, civil war, Spanish-American war and later in both of the World Wars. They are still fighting in the Middle East for »freedom« of the people. We all know that wars never brought anything good and we still haven't found some other method of »communication«.  We know that in the Second World War alone died more than 50.000.000 people. We know that between the wars there were some things that were not good and we still believe in the methods of war.  Even though we've lost a lot by wars, we’ve also gained some sense in our heads and we’ve started to think with our own minds. A lot of well known and respected people wanted to show the world that war is not the right way to communicate, but screams of war kind of overruled all good thoughts and believing. Even though the critic thinking in our world is something normal, a lot of people had been through a lot of pain so that we can express our opinion freely.  If we take for instance Mahatma Gandhi (Indian politician, leader and a big fighter for human rights): he has gone through so many things and humiliation, but he’s never given up, and I think all fighters for better world should be like that.  In spite of all his pain, his beliefs and his death, gave this world a lesson for thousands of years, being useful not just for our generation, but also for generation after us, and the next one and the next one. Maybe someday words of Mahatma will be very useful and inspiring for somebody.

In our world we also reckon a very well known movement of the 60’s years of the last century called the hippies. They were against the war and they despised capitalism. The so-called leaders were well-known rock artists of that time. Because rock was very popular in that period of time, a lot of people joined the hippies and so started fighting against cruelties of wars. The highest point of their existence was in 1969 on the Woodstock festival. Although everything calmed down after a while, they have still given the world a lesson. Even though everything was just a water drop into the sea, people who persisted have made a big difference in the world and they have helped us to create our own opinion about the situations in the world.

I think mankind needs to learn a lot of lessons and listen to as many rebellious speeches as possible, so that we'll reach the point where all those things which doomed us will just disappear and love will be like a song for good morning, good day and good night.

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