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Institutions of the EU


by Vanessa Jung, 2010

The EU-Parliament in contrast to the national Parliament

EU- Parliament and national Parliament?? -Compare?
When I got this topic, I was confused. Isn’t a parliament a parliament?
Where are the differences?
But by collecting information I came across with differences.

The EU- Parliament is an institution of the European Union, which is directly elected by the citizens. Every five years each nation delegates a number of members, depending on the population of the countries.
Currently the parliament consists of 739 members from 27 member states of the EU.
The competence of the parliament is supranational (more then national):
- In cooperation with the European council of ministers the parliament presents the law-giving institution.
- Also it takes the democratic control of the other European institutions.
 Affirmation of the suggested members of the commission
 Right to take an motion of no-confidence
 Control of the reports from the commission
 Gives ideas to develop new legislative proposal                                                                  
- At least the parliament has got the budget law
Each year the parliament adopts together with the council the European budget.

The national Parliament, also named Bundestag, is elected from all Germans. It consists at this time of 622 members.

The most important functions are the election of the federal chancellor as well as the law-making and the control from the work of the government.
Beside this the parliament has got the right to define the budget.

To sum up the national parliament has more control over national law and the EU- Parliament is in charge of controlling. On an EU level the European council of ministers has the power to create and pass laws.
The biggest similarity between the parliaments is that their members are elected directly by the population.

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