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Important lenghts in our education

by Betsabea Duric, 2011


E-learning represents education, service, training and perfectening whatever you do through internet. In order to understand what e-learning really means we need to divide our definition in two groups: 1. Education and training, 2. Perfectening.

First group:

What education really means? Let's found out ; education is the largest sense in any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of the individual. Teachers are very important length of education process. Teachers in education institutions direct the education of students and might draw on many subjects, including reading, writing, mathematics, science and history. But if you learn yourself through the internet you loose that important length. That can be good, but on the other side can be very bad. It's hard to learn out of an internet. Let' find out why:

1.You don't know for sure if the information is correct--> that includes also new training of your profession

2. People nature demands that when we don't understand everything, we need someone to explain that thing to us!

3. People need someone to encourage and motivate you

4. Your social life is at danger or you have no social life at all

5. There is no acctual human contact so you have a great risk to become a sociopath

But there are some good sides, for example:

1. You are always able to access data from all over the world

2. It doesn't take so much time

3. You can stay at home, which is very good for people from suburb areas

4. The diversity of data is so much larger to access-->pictures, videos, avdio, animations ...

5. It's very good because you can connect with people all over the world, that can tell you things they know better

But on the other hand in case of perfectening whether you already know is very practical to your education. With internet you can do follow things:

1. You have exercise available all time

2. You can do your homework and send it to your teacher directly

3. You can economize with office products

To perorate our discussion let's look at the facts: Internet is good by being your tool to prefect what you already know but you're not so good at it. But learning just with internet ( e-learning) you loose important length in the important chain of education ( teacher) which can cost you a lot of things. What we suggest is that internet should just help us learn better what we've conquer in school with our teacher.

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