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Agelimit in the Internet ?

by Conny Laux, 2011

Agelimit in the Internet ?

I know that internet has no agelimit yet. Some Sites like Facebook or a german site calls wkw have rules, but these rules are easy to avoid. Because you can tipe that you are older than you really are. The Internet is too much uncontrollable !

Everybody knows that the Internet is dangerous. But, that internet is particulary dangerous for children does nobody knows. The Internet has Sites full of Crime, Pornography and racism. Then maybe you ask yourself, why is Internet allowed for young children ?

In social networks these agelimits would used, because particulary children doesn't known who you really know and with wich person you write in the moment.

The most of the young children don't understand that the internet is really dangerous, because most of them only see the positive things from social networks and the internet. You can search things for school, or stay in contact with other people or maybe find new friends. Anyhow is everytime disputed with an agelimit.

An example for the dangerous internet are the pedophils and childporns. Young children, specially girls, doesn't know how dangerous chatrooms are. Because they don't know how is the person with that i write ? Maybe the person said: 'i'm Michael and i'm 14 years old' and in reality this is an 50 old guy names Klaus. There are too many from these fakeaccounts !

It's really to dangerous to let children in the Internet !

Or not ?

But, how does it works with this agelimit ?
Because it is impossible tp control each Home from children and to look that they doesn't go on bad sites. And specially because the country is in the opinion that Internet is very important for the economy. Maybe the country can more constitute the rules about the Internet and clear theso hole bad sites from the internet. Sure it will not work so good like i think it will, but you surely can let your children relievedly in the internet.

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nithaya nothum, 06.05.2011, 10:00
GUT ! :)
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