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Facebook as a Friend

by Matic Kosi, 2011

Every day, every hour, every minute there are many teenagers hanging on the social networks. They are using it when they want to express themselves. Sometimes they are in distress.

Over the years Facebook has become the largest social network in the world. The research in Slovenia showed, that every third person in our country is using it. Somehow it has become a part of our lives. We use it to post our pictures and to comment each other status. Trough Facebook we can see the character of the person. social network is still cool if we use our minds while using it. Once we make a mistake is hard to change it in a good way. There is a piece of  advice what to do for your safety. Make your account invisible to all people except your friends. You have to be sure about who to accept as a friend and who not. Don’t post your pictures with alcohol or with insufficient clothes on. Be sure that your post aren’t telling what are you doing, where are you and something which could do damage to yourself in the future. If you still aren’t the member of facebook I would suggest you not to become one of them, because you can fast become addicted to it.

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