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Youtube - accounts and videos

by Marusa Lubej, 2011


Youtube is a site for sharing videos, which can be commented, rated and shared from other users. It is used from people all over the world. If you want to rate, comment and add videos you have make your account. You can upload videos from your computer or you can film it with your camera. Your profile shows some of your basic information (where are you from and how old are you), your last visit, how many people saw your channel and so on.

You have to be very careful about putting videos on it. If they are not yours, you have to have a permission, for publishing it online and you have to have a permission from all the people, who are on your video. If you don´t stick to these rules they can sue you.


Some people (like Justin Bieber) became famous through youtube and it is used by some politicians too. You can find a lot of good music and funny videos on it.


Good things of youtube are, that you can use it for education and for fun, you can comment and rate videos and you can put them on it, if you want to share them with the world. But there are some bad things too: if some kids make a fake account, they can use it for watching videos,  which are ment for people, that are older than 18, some videos are just inappropriate and lot of other people comments can be rude and can insult the person, who filmed the video which they commented, or someone else.


If you have Facebook or something like that you can share videos you like through it. I think that is a very good thing, because you can share videos with your friends (so they can see which song, short movie… you like, and they can chat with you about it, even, if you can´t see each other).


I´ll end my article with a good opinion about youtube. Of course it has some bad sides, but, if you use it wisely, it can be a very good thing for studying, sharing interesting videos and spending a free time.

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