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Is my opinion in really free in the Internet?

by Lars Klein, 2011

China for example shows clearly that also censur is conducted in todays age. There it is mostly obvious but even in Europa censur is conducted. Is this the common practise in the internet, too? Is my opinion in the internet really free?
Freedom of expression. Already 200 years ago the people got the right for a freedom of opinion. In Germany this gift is immortalized in the constitution and everybody has the option to spread his opinion freely in word, script and image. In the internet this can happen over many ways. E.g. via discussion board or social networks. Latter should be spread more. Facebook belongs to the social networks. At first view the opinion is really free. A so-called status update will be posted and then everybody can read it. It‘s unnessesary which information it contains.

There lies the problem. Freedom of expression does not necessarily mean that we may publish nonsense. So-called webmaster, operators of the website are, namely for the content. This is where the avoidable censorship comes into play. While you might think, firstly, that the removal of a post censored their author, on the other hand, one should realize that waiting for hefty fines on the violating laws. Even the "harmless insult" a person is a criminal offense. Victim is then solely the webmaster. A detour, however, are the "Terms and Conditions (GTC). In them, stands on most major networks, that the author himself assumes the liability. At this point you should carefully read these terms. There are also cases when the user passes the rights of their own content to the operator. It would be the "own opinion" such as Facebook and they can do whatever they want.
Besides this kind of censorship exists in Europe but in fact censorship. In the positive sense. And that will be blocked for several years, child pornography from the Internet. A clear view is censored in the country as, on Wikipedia ( 

These above facts should make clear that: free speech on the Internet as great as anywhere. Censored in most cases only in order to get any trouble or the people from the negative content such as child pornography to protect. To be eligible to questions from the text, mainly: Censorship on the Internet commonplace. One's own opinion, however, is actually free.

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Matej Nekvinda, 06.05.2011, 15:45
what a piece of ****
Jindrich Skripko, 06.05.2011, 16:04
Helmüt, meinst du, dass es wirklich gut ist mit Google zu übersetzen?
Jana Šajtarová, 08.05.2011, 15:31
Don't use google to translate - that's my advice!
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