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Paper newspaper has still own place

by Barbora Miturova, 2011

        Are you fan of paper newspaper or just change your choice and convert to the internet? If you can`t see the satisfactory sense of newspaper. I`ll try to show you now a positive look on it.

Because this variant has own benefits. You can buy prestigious newspaper on every coner for symbolic price. You can read it everywhere and you don`t need for it any notebook and any connexion. If you have to hide it away you can easy put it together in bag. Newspaper don`t weigh almost anything and though there are secret the bigges state and foreign causes of last days.

You turn over pages from politics over culture and sport to weather forecast, crosswords or sudoku. About it, that the paper newspaper has its own charm talks fact, that newspaper create great group with delicious caffee in nice café with eventual cigaret.

If you think the old newspaper unneeded, it isn´t ture. You can use it like well-tested method for drying-out wet shoes, for cover flor or furnicure when you are painting rood, or for wraping a book, which you don´t want to damage.

Anyway you used the newspaper to last line. And if you have feeling, that it really finished its life, recycle it!
You will save not only several trees.

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Jindrich Skripko, 06.05.2011, 16:15
My v Čechách máme i čárky, a vy?
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