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Cyber Bullying

by Hamza Becar, 2011

More and more it is to be bullied on the Internet virtually before the young people. The role of the victim and perpetrator will change here often. One in four was already attacked for libel and slanderous land.

Often there are videos, pictures or statements that will be posted without the consent in online communities and social networks there. Young people with specific areas such as attack external characteristics, obesity or anorexia, slight Opfer.Im Internet often do not recognize the limits where the fun and stop bullying. The effect of anonymity tempts the most vile and ruthless with the feelings of their classmates, or even with people who the perpetrators are not known to work around.

As the young people in the network, communicate by SMS or e-mail remains in the feedback for their own behavior and they find it difficult to restrain himself.

The Internet also lacks the social control, which in real life as present at school the teacher would trust. This clarifies the problems then personally with the parties concerned to put an end to the bullying.


The dangers of the World Wide Web are large and often forget to make the data only in the well known group of users. Strangers come so easily to phone numbers or addresses of the victims, the data awareness of adolescents should be raised better.

Causes of bullying in the network boredom, peer pressure, revenge, anger, etc.

In the Internet world, images, or statements published because the perpetrators are bored, or have fun with it negative reviews express.

Sometimes the perpetrators to escape and no chance to join the bullying and to be not only to themselves and bullied.

On the Internet, the victim of bullying in real life become the perpetrators of cyber-bullying.

Anger at a loved one can be a reason to publish private content. Nude pictures are to be used as agents known as revenge.


Girls are often affected by cyber-bullying than boys. On the Internet, offenders have more courage and do not know what their limits. Write or do things they would never dare in real life, thanks to the anonymity of the net.

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