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Revolution via internet

by Jan Michalec, 2011

Based on incidents, which has been happening in Arabian states for last weeks, I really can say that social networks like Facebook and Twitter were the main things allowed the revolution.

The situation in the countries has been bad for many years so it should have started years ago. But it is happening now because of freedom on internet.

People there can write their opinions on walls and pages, they can discuss it with people with the same problem and they can make some groups on Facebook called for example ,,Let`s go revolution in Libya!” and other citizens of the state have possibility to join these groups. And these steps can graduate to real revolt and it really did.

Moreover the social networks are well-known on whole world so people from the other countries receive information about the situation every day. And for that reason they can support the revolution from home.

Finally I want to say that revolution via internet has a few negatives, too. I mean the propagation and false information by Arabian governments. But as I said the main reason why the defiance had chance to start is internet. It means the truly opinions of normal people living there are in majority. So in my view internet is the best think which is playing part in this revolution.

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