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Al Qaida and others online

by Peter Scholz, 2011

In todays era of mass media it's very easy for terrorists to get new members for their organisations. The internet is an opportunity for them. This is another "internet-danger", because there you can upload and write everything. Many people might say that there might be less terrorism after the death of Osama Bin Laden, but there is always someone to found and lead a terrorist organisation.

Today it's probably very easy for persons, who want to become a terrorist because of religious reasons, to join a terrorist organisation or to get instructions from them. There are also instructions for how to build bombs or weapons and you can probably find them on the internet. It would be easy to block those pages but for that the people, who are supposed to do this, would have to find them.

In additon the terrorists may even get there suicide bombers from suicide hotlines. It's very dangerous, because those people think that they can't lose anything and if they are very religious, they might even commit the attack.

The internet is a big place and it's nearly impossible to find and watch everything. Terrorist organisations always find possibilities to open a website, if it's camouflaged. Links might be even commercials while the content of the page might be camouflaged, too.

We don't know, if terrorists do really get new members, but if they did, it would be really hard to stop it.

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