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Is the internet going backward or forward?

by Jakob Predin, 2011

Remember the days when the Internet was really slow and you used a phone line to connect to the internet? Nowadays we have stunningly fast connections and things thought only as science fiction ten years ago are now a big part of our lives. But the question on our minds is if the true cause and practical use of the internet  is moving forward or if we are restricting the core of the internet which made it what it is today.

The thing is that the internet is becoming less and less open every day which is supposed to be the internet’s biggest asset and probably one of the reasons why more and more people post and search information here rather then somewhere else. But is that really true? Well it depends on how you explain open to yourself or much rather how much information you are willing to leave on the internet. It’s a fact that it’s now the best source to gain information but whether that information is true or false is always a question on my mind. It seems like that in a very refined way the internet is slowly being controlled by only a few companies or rather powerful people and is slowly losing the I in the internet. The basics of the internet have gone out of focus and more and more I feel like the internet has become a big advertisement field. Gone are the days when we could find what we wanted without the feeling of some subliminal messages in what I read whether it be the news or just some everyday stuff. And now the people of authority in the EU want to restrain the internet even more by applying laws which allow them to remove and control content for the ,,safety,, of its citizens. In the USA they are taking it a step further by limiting the total download and upload quantity to around 200gb per month. They do this in the excuse of piracy but it’s really the next step of controlling the internet. It seems as at some point we might even browse the internet as China does but in a very wrong way. I wonder why a site with a lot of potentially dangerous but even more interesting and educational content is considered dangerous whereas sites like Google, Facebook etc. are not. People do not realize that we are slowly but efficiently losing the only open medium we have left and with it the true freedom of speech.

            So is the internet moving forward or backward? Well in a way both yes and no. The content and capabilities of the internet are improving rapidly with a greater and richer experience, things can now be done in a matter of milliseconds but all this comes at the expense of personal safety of its users and brainwashing with the content and advertising. Let’s just hope that we can stop this ,,evolution,, before the evolution stops us.

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