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Did people use to be happier without internet? Or not?

by Petra Susilova, 2011

Did people use to be happier without internet? Or not?

Lots of people nowadays can’t imagine one or two days without internet. Even if they are going on holiday, they take with them all electronics to feel like at home…but holidays are about something else…people goes somewhere to break away from everyday things, to rest, to do nothing…

So how people lived without the Internet? Lots of people’s opinions are that they didn’t live…

But they did, and I think that much better than now. People used to be happier and healthier. They had much more hobbies, they went much more out and they moved more. Nowadays human can’t imagine day without virtual world.  They were no addictions as facebook, people used to be more psychologically stable. Now they can’t even have fun without computer. They don’t know culture, they don’t read book and they don’t do any sport. They are more prone to serious diseases. They don’t know fresh air, during daylight they don’t leave house, they don’t have any real friends... the only thing what connecting them with people is internet, but in moment when they need help the “real” friends don’t look at them.

Internet is not only bad thing until it server you for searching information and as encyclopedia. If you have need to tell the whole word that you just finished your dinner or washed your teeth or you are just laughing now…what is you reason for doing that? Why don’t you rather laugh with your friends somewhere during dinner and save this moments just for you?

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