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Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook

by Ádám Maginecz, 2011

Facebook is the largest social network of the world.  This has advantages and disadvantages.

 Hundred millions of people use it every day. We get messages, notifications from our friends or the popular people we just liked or from the group we had joined before. The information can move faster between you and the world. If you want to register a page like Facebook you have to give out your personal datas. This is what makes it dangerous, because anyone can steal it, causing mental scars on you with it. If someone cannot take this responsibility he can give out informations from himself what he would not like to and this can cause the problems I have mentioned before. There are some people who means to find the freedom through this "dimension" what he thinks that the life has stolen from him. For instance: friendship, real emotion full relationships. These people do not give a thought to it that  this may remove him from the reality. At the and they get addictid from Facebook and they will not be able to exist without that. Someones use this to find the real love, but this has its own danger. People with fake identity takes advantage from this ones and this makes good opportunity for pedofilians.

Beside these disadvantages, Facebook has lots of advantages. We can keep in contact with our relatives or friends who lives far far away, we can know what happens in our surroundings, we can chat with our friends.What is more we can make secret groups where we can invite who we want, and then we can chat privatly and the groups has own message wall. We are able to post everything from everywhere. We can post to our friends message wall and anybody can see it. The largest advantage of this social network is that millions of people are registered from all over the world so you can find all of your friends, and the other one is that you can get feedback by "like" and "dislike" buttons.

All in all if you use smart the Facebook and other Social Networks it is really usefull, but if you do not, it can cause huge problems.

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