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Internet - Facebook

Function of Facebook

by Kinga Grasalkovits, 2011

Facebook is the most popular and important social network in the world. People all over the world use it every day. We can make new relationships and can hold contact with all our friends. After they accepted to be our friends we can see all information of them and follow them what they are doing. Facebook gives you the possibility to see all of your friends with Pictures, age, school, relation, native country and their status. Facebook also gives you the possibility to write what you want on your page in a kind of a blog. Comments and the current status of the people who have Facebook can be rated by a “ like- button ”. It is one of the most popular things of Facebook. This Network is in connection with other famous websites for example: Youtube. An other special thing of Facebook is that you have the possibility to chat with your friends. To poke friends is only possible on Facebook and is a very famous feature. Every member of this social network can open events and groups which other members easily can join. With the like-button and the comments under the events we can make them interesting for other members. If your smart phone or mobile phone is able to have internet than you can easily go to Facebook. This is one reason why Facebook is so incredibly popular all over the world. A nice thing about Facebook is that you can play games while you are in contact with your friends for example: Farmville, Petville and Robot Unicorn. In these games you need the help from other members of Facebook. It is a good thing to get to know each other better. But because of that Facebook have so much information about every member it could be dangerous when you are not careful enough.   All in all Facebook is the biggest social network world wide and it is so big like no one never expected. The current rank of Facebook is not the end it will grow and grow and no one knows when it will stop.

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