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Who can be on the internet trusted?

by Martin Matousek, 2011

Who can be on the internet trusted?


Nobody. Yes, nobody can be trusted on the internet, because the internet is the most liberal medium all over the world. You can do almost everything what is possible in the virtual world of your computer. And what is the best on it - nobody controls it. There are many individual servers in which people publish their ideas and data, but everything is liable to the same problem. This problem means no personal relationships among the people using the internet sites and servers. There is nobody who can change it. For example Chinese government controls information from foreign media but neither Chinese controllers nor anyone else is able to control personal information of every user on the internet. Of course you can say that many servers like Facebook require your registration but could you tell me who controls it? Yes nobody. We have to say, internet isn’t trustful enough and what is more important we can do almost nothing with it. Maybe it seems terrible, but I don’t think so. In my opinion internet is too young. We haven’t understood it yet. Internet is medium which is divided into several parts. There are free servers, which are constantly being visited by everyone and there are also more worthy servers. For example you can’t confront free servers with professional media placed on internet. When you read your favourite newspaper on internet it’s much better than when you read Facebook or Twitter messages and it is also much better when you’ll buy professional service.

But I’m writing just about those free servers which are problematic, which are circulators of unverified facts, illegal data or porn. I think that we have to do something with last one I said because it’s especially wicked. And it isn’t very difficult to cancel these existing unsecured servers. But with regard for another two I’m more restrained. Unverified facts are part of our everyday lives. We have to be able to choose only those facts which are verified. That’s our problem when we’ve chosen bad facts. It was our independent will. And last one - illegal data – of course it’s illegal but you can’t find it. There are so many illegal information on the internet that you are almost impuissant if you want to look for them. So we can find and set right only those which are the worst. For example those which violent human rights etc…

Internet isn’t dangerous for people but people are little bit dangerous for internet and through this medium it’s dangerous for another people all over the world. But I think that it is not so hard to learn how to hide your information before strange eyes or how to behave safely on the internet. In conclusion I have to ask you: What can be trusted in real world? Do you know? It’s only an abstract word „to trust“.

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