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life without the internet

What life would be like if we didn't have Internet?

by Nora Marczi, 2014

Nowdays, we can't imagine the life without internet. A lot of people get information through the Internet. There are people who can't think about anything else, but the Internet. They are in a trans. They live their whole life on the Internet.  

Actually, Facebook and other social networks caused this whole situation. If we look through the 12-18 years old youngs, there are just a few people who don't have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We share everything on the Internet. And if we are not careful enough, it can be very dangerous. People can find us easily, and then we can be involved in illegal things. Nowdays nobody watches TV, because they can read the news on the Internet, and watch films whenever they like, and without advetisments. It's much more easier. And people listen radio only in the car while travelling, and they only listen it because of the music and not because of the information.

What life would be like if we didn't have Internet? The answer is easy: hard. But it's also true that life will be much more easier and safer. We could be spend more time with our parents, and also spend more time in the garden, in the fresh air. Without Internet we will not have to imitate a perfect life online. At first it will be hard to not post anything on Facebook, but then I think we could get used to it. Our grandparent's didn't have Internet, and they survived, so we could survive too. If we didn't have Internet, we would read newspapers again, and with that we could support the hard-working journalist. Also people would listen to the radio too. But I'm sure that this will never ever happen.


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