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School and disabled persons

Find a job

by Margot De Oliveira, 2014

It is important for disabled people to find a job in order to integrate the society and acquire some autonomy.

Many people, especially employers, have prejudices on disabled people. Those think that disabled people will be less productive and that is why the employers do not respect quotas when recuiting new employees. Moreover, they sometimes have to adapt the work station that can lead to supplementary costs, even if the disabled people choose, in gereral, a job which corresponds to their capacities.

A handicapped welder


Moreover, it is important to point out that employers have the tendency to give priority to people without disability. So for instance, we can see that in 2011 unemployement increased for people without disability to 4% and 13% for disabled people.

In order to help disabled people finding a job, many associations as for example "ADAPT" in France were created. Forums are also organised for employers and disabled people who are looking for a job to meet.

Today most countries try to integrate disabled people into society since their childhood, in school as well as in the search for a job.

But the task is not easy and it is why assistance from the state and associations have been esthablished.

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