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The school and handicapped persons

The integration of handicapped persons

by Agnès Prats, 2014

by Agnès Prats and Julie Champeau


Today is a fundamental issue : the integration of handicapped people into society . What can we do to help them to integrate ?


On the one hand , integration into society can begin by developing specialized equipment that is still insufficient in many countries such as in public transport and particularly on trains and in shops. In addition, we can continue to create classes for handicapped persons in schools for the installation of ramps or lift in order to optimize their comfort.

On the other hand, it is important to educate young children with handicap so they can handicapped persons are "normal" people and they have certain restrictions and require , in addition, help. We could also learn from an early age , children sign language . In effect, this would allow a better integration of the deaf and dumb in society. Moreover, in schools , integration of mentally handicapped class is possible, however, other students must be prepared. Indeed it would enable them to understand the handicap and therefore easier to go to them, but also to understand and respond to their needs. If students are not prepared they will have preconceptions and dare not go to them.


To conclude,  for the integrated handicapped persons into society , we need to support them and help them having been providing knowledge necessary, but they must also be able to act without having difficulties with their provisions adapted equipment .

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