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Social media

The conecion between media and people

by Mojca Zorko, 2014

Media is everywhere and people are using it in different ways. We print newspapers and magazines and we have radios, TVs and also the internet. In our time they have big effect by people. In this days  they have a significant impact on people. Without them we can not imagine life anymore. With the use of media we are getting information, education and we have fun. They play an important role in the socialization of the individual. The media have several uses and people also use it diferent ways.

In the magazines we have exactly certain things. We do not need an Internet connection to read them. You can read it in different languages ​​and so you learn other languages. Newspaper takes many forms. We have daily, weekly and monthly newspapers. You can always look for the information back whenever you want. They also have several categories that can be collected from anyone.

On the other hand we have  televisions and radios that tell us all the details that are happening in the world.  It has positive and negative sides. It can not be re-watch or listen to. Even television can not always be seen, for example in the car. But you can read the newspapers and still stay in touch with the world. And the newspaper is defined in more detail on specific topics.

There is another place where you can obtain information. This is the internet. The good side is that getting information is quickly, easily and for free. The Internet is one of the most important of the media. A lot of people use it. We can not imagine life without him. Anyone can obtain information and it does not have to pay. So we can say that this is a good side. But it can also be very dangerous. It is dangerous because some people do not know how to properly use it and it can lead to various complications. On the Internet it comes to online harassment, pedophilia, stalking and plagiarism.

One of the most common forms are also blogs. These blogs have each individual and be write about any topic that someone wants. The most famous site for blogging is: We also have a social network. For example, Facebook, which is available to all. And people are dependent on him. They post things on it even if they are not true. Famous sites are also: YouTube, Myspace, Omegle, Chatroulette, Twitter ... Even on the phone we have a similar network. These are Instagram, Snapchat ...

They can have good or bad effects. Bad things are tthat they showing us a sense of security and give us the feeling of love. Because of this we often have a problem in making contacts in real life. Which means that we are getting away from meeting humans. Another downside is that the information is not always true. But the media want us to show interesting things that are happening around the world. Through the media are changing our opinion, which is also a downside. Because every day we talk about the issues that we see when we are in contact with the media. You may think, that if you hear the same topic and other information that you no longer believe them.

Of course, the media have also a good sides. Because people use it to communicate. Fast information is transmitted, which is a very good thing for all people. The good side is that people are getting to know  eachother and also connect new friendships. Over the Internet can be in some seconds finded the person who lives at the other end of the world. With media use we obtaine knowledge, that enables us to be well-educated.


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