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How Long Can Newspapers Last?

by Márk Illés-Tóth, 2014

Media has become a really sensitive topic to talk about, because everybody has a different opinion about it. Some prefer printed media, while others tend to like online media better. It really comes down to your preferences.

The word medium comes from the Latin word medius which translates to middle. Printed media was probably the first form of modern media. If we look back, we can safely say, that the evolution of media has come a long way. At the start, people had to rely on the newspaper. That was the one and only method at that time, and only later came the radio and television.

The next step came with the introduction of the internet. This was a tremendous step compared to the previous ones, the reason being that the online media companies are able to interract with the readers in real time, while newspapers are not able to do this due to the fact, that the paper needs to be edited, printed and shipped, while on the internet everything is just a mouse click.

Another factor that needs to be considered is how far the information reaches and it is cruical how fast it can be distrbuted, while we can imagine that people would not buy the newspaper that they already read about the previous day on the internet. It is another plus that generally reading news via the internet is free and you can get wide-range of news of your favour.

Social networks are often used as means of getting news. I personally think that that is not the best way to keep up with the news, although I do think with a little room to improve, it can be almost perfect. Everything we do and watch on the social sites are being analysed and used for advertisments or other recommendations.

More and more people have access to the web and also to the quality websites, which provide the latest news and weather forecast, so this brings up the question, how long newspaper can last, before being completely demolished by the power of the world wide web. In my opinion, this process is already started, and will conclude by 2030. 

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