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Institutions of the EU

Let us experience Europe!

by Fabian Roth, 2010

Normally it isn`t a Problem to make an internship in any European institution, but a lot of Student wants to have one of the 650 places. Maybe the "grow together" of Europe is the reason and many young people want to see that new Europe. The borders are open and you can travel to other countries. Sure, everybody wants to experience that by his own, but why in form of an internship?

The function of an internship is, that you see the work of the chosen institution of the EU. Also it`s an advantage when you want to work for the EU.

The condition is, that you have finished a study. But sometimes you get a place without finishing your study. You can make your applikation online and the internships starts at spring and autumn. It takes five month. You get a scholarship, so you don`t have to pay anything. You can do a internship out of this times but you won`t get a scholarship

Like it`s normal, you don`t get any money in an internship. But this time is an chance to experience the progress of Europe by your own, you will be a part of it. An active part in a big community called Europe.

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