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Pressure from right-wing parties - Europe has to stay colourful!

by Theresa Blum, 2014

After the experiences of the Second World War a confederation was founded, called the European Union, which should protect the peace in Europe and build up peaceful relations between the different countries.

With the end of the 1940’s there were a lot of new foundations of right extremist parties in Germany, especially after the end of the license obligation by the allies. For example the first supraregional confederation was founded, which was called „Deutsche Konservative Partei-Deutsche Rechtspartei“ in 1946. The European Union was founded against these against these counter movements and the majority of the population was excited about it.

Since ten years there is a rise of right extremism parties that are EU and Euro critical. What happened to the european idea, the idea which connects all  countries, of Europe which is now endangered by xenophobic ideologies?

A lot of people are frustrated and disappointed of the work of the EU.  The Euro-crisis, the following austerities and the high rate of unemployment are reasons for the high disaffection. These are some reasons why there are so many right extrimist, populistic and xenophobic parties in Europe which have not been relevant since the Second World War. They do not form a unity and their statements distinguish in many themes. But almost all of them declared Europe as their enemy which they are supposed to fight against. The word „freedom“ shows the concept of the European Union, but these parties misapplied it. It is used as a buzz phrase for the election campaigns.They redefine freedom as value that no longer exists for a member of the EU.  By this abuse the original meaning of freedom is in danger.

These parties are succesful as never before: in several european countries the plans of leaving the EU achieve up to 40% in surveys. If there will be a "right-wing fraction“ in the European Parliament this would make the work in the parliament more difficult than it is today, says Stephan Koppelberg, head oft he regional proxy of the European Comission in Bonn. In Germany it is very easy for those parties to get into the European Parliament, because there is no longer a 3-5%-barrier . While at the election of the government it is almost impossible for right-wing parties, because of the german 5%-barrier. Further the basic thought of the EU would be in danger, on which the confederation  is based on since the foundation.

But what will the future in our Europe be like?

Apparently the friendly relations between the countries won’t survive if there is no European Union and related to this there is also no opportunity to talk and deal with other european countries. It is not the right way to react on the problems and crises with xenophobic reactions. The system can´t  work out if right parties get more and more influence  in Europe, if there is no tolerance towards the neighbours.

Everybody has to start on himselve, we all have to think  about our behavior and how it affects our fellow men, also crossing country borders.

Everyone is a part of Europe!

 by Theresa Blum and Helen Pörtner 

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