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Five days of European fun

by Anna Džulová, 2014


First day

We arrived on Monday evening. After registration in our hotel, we got to know with our rooms that were very clean, friendly and seemed very calm. We were very surprised when we discovered our own bathrooms. Dinner was in the form of Swedish table and everyone could take what they wanted, so after the long journey we ate a lot. The welcoming game “Wer hat die Tüte” unfortunately nobody understood, but nobody complained about it and the good mood didn’t leave us. It was impossible to avoid the photographers and we hoped that the pictures would be nice. As soon as we entered the seminar room we noticed some papers that were on the chairs. With the help of pictures we understood the rules of our hotel. Afterwards all of the teamers introduced themselves and welcomed us. So the first day we met a few people and enjoyed that. We wished that the seminar would continue in this way during the whole week.

Second day

The day began with the breakfast, which we really appreciated. Later we arrived at the meeting which started with introducing games that got us closer to each other. We saw our faces on the wanted sheets, on which we had to fill in information about somebody else whom we had to find. The photos made us scared, to be honest. At the end of the morning we played a lovely game which is named Traders and Explorers. We had to work in internationals teams made of two or three people. It was very educational and we had to show our knowledge about other countries in EU. And if we didn’t know the answer we had to buy a hint with the fake money we got. We had to work with our starting budget of 600 euros and the team with the most money at the end won. Then we had lunch and the teamers were presenting their workshops. In the meantime we registered on the Europahaus website. So we had a chance to decide on which topic we would like to work on. Of course after the dinner it was necessary to perform at the country market. The impressions, creativity, fantasy and humor were appreciating. The performance ended with fun when everybody stood up and started to dance. There was an opportunity for everybody to taste the traditional national food and drinks, which was a huge success. It was a long night and all of us really enjoyed it.

Third day

After the breakfast we divided into the teams which we had chosen the previous day. We got to work on our projects and so this article was made. Some of us went outside were they took photos, the other had to stay in and write like us or create a front page. We are going to work on this article a whole day. In the evening we are going to go bowling and we are all excited about it.

Fourth day

On Thursday there is going to be a big tour into the historical towns of Cologne and Bonn. We are going to visit a well-known German museum in Bonn, where we will be guided by a tour-guide in English or German language. Then we are going to move to Cologne, where will be another programme waiting for us. In Cologne we will be given three hours of free time. One of us will be writing a diary of this day and the diary will give you further information.


Fifth day

Until lunch we are going to finish our articles and at the end of the day we are going to present them. Everyone is really looking forward to this day, because of the things we are going to do – Climbing and the party. We hope that this party will be even better than the one we had on Tuesday and the DJ will join us again. Some of us are a little bit afraid of the climbing activity. However, we are all very excited and we think that we will have a great time.


Sixth day

It will be a very sad day because this is the last day we will see each other, hopefully not for the last time. On this day there are going to be only packing and “crying”. Cleaning the rooms will be “heart-breaking”, because we spent a lot of good times in those rooms. Saying goodbye will be the hardest thing in our entire lives and the last glance on Bad Marienberg will be “breath-taking”. Smile

The visit of Bad Marienberg is one of the best experiences in our lives. We haven’t met so many great people at one place yet and we have practised the foreign languages very well. We would like to thank all of the people, who took part in this magnificent week, especially to Laura, Thomas, Jan, Gerrit, Micha and of course our Vincent.

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