Julie Hebrard

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by Julie Hebrard, 2014


His topic talks about Economy, specially in Europe with different delegation. In this workshop, they try, for example, to answer to this question: What's more important; economy or peace? The people in this workshop are good and there's a lot of different nationalities. Unfortunely they have no german people. Garrett motivates his young writers by using different means of work. They have already done hotspots, some organisation and collected all the informations for writing the article. Garrett absolutely enjoy the time in his workshop, and people too.








Pavel comes from Tchek-Republik, he came here because he wanted to meet people from different countries. He didn't expect something special but he's happy even if he hasn't find new friends yet. He's in ''internal'' work shop because he likes texting and in his work shop he's in charge of the writting of the main article with a group of five people! He said that he feels good in his group and in the all group too! ''I find the food good and the room clean'' said Pavel. Everything's alright for him!  




Interviewed by Nastja, Charlotte and Julie.

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