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Direct Democracy Always The Best?

by Martin Myska, 2014

At the last elections in Czech Republic a new party showed up with surprising results. They gained 7% of all votes. The party is called Dawn of direct democracy and it aims to transform the Czech political system into a direct democracy.

Their main goal is that the people decide on their own and have the legislative power. The ideal of this party is the Swiss democratic system. The party’s popularity has grown up because people are dissatisfied with the politicians and they want change. This party offers an alternative.



However, is this vision realistic for Czech Republic? First of all we need to realise that in Switzerland this system works for many years and citizens are able to use this system properly. If they do not like any decision of parliament they evoke a referendum. But if this model of direct democracy would be established in our country it would probably mean disaster for various aspects of society.

And what is the reason? Czech nation used to be under control of communists for over 40 years so the way of thinking is different to the Swiss and they are not that responsible. For example after setting the direct democracy it might have crucial influence on the state economy. People might set taxes too low and the management would be inefficient. It is necessary that there are educated and informed people in the financial area, who know what they are deciding about. Thanks to the representative democracy those decisions are more balanced.

Direct democracy might be a good thing but it requires responsibility and certain conditions which cannot be fulfilled by every nation. 

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