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Trip to Bonn and Cologne

by Pavel Taborsky, 2014

 Dear diary,

 on Thursday we are going to visit 2 cities, Bonn and Cologne. I hope it´s going to be fun! Firstly we will prepare some snacks, so we won't be hungry during the whole day. Our trip starts at 9 o'clock and we will go by buses. Our first stop is Bonn, which is 50Km far from Bad Marienberg. Our group has planned to go there to the “Haus der Geschichte”, which I personally never heard about, but I guess we will have a good time. In “Haus der Geschichte” we can choose whether we want a guide in English or German language. I expect it to be very interesting and informing.

After this trip we will go to Cologne. There we will have 3 hours of free time to visit whatever we want to. For example we can go shopping or visit some historical monuments. That´s going to be boring, but I´m looking forward to the shopping. Someone told me, that four years ago in Cologne there was a world's championship in ice hockey and Czech republic won a gold medal. At 8 o'clock P.M. we will be back at Bad Marienberg and have a late dinner. I think after this day all of us will be very tired and exhausted. So far our timetable already has told us what we can expect.


The actual trip

Dear diary,

The real trip was even better than I expected it to be. At Thursday morning we had breakfast and prepared our lunch pack. At 8.45 o'clock we started our little journey with us divided into 2 buses. The journey was very long, over one hour and a half. Some of us fell asleep and the others were watching the nice German country side.

When we've arrived in Bonn, we got out of the bus and saw the streets of Bonn, which were very beautiful. I was surprised that in every major German city they have an underground and a tram, a sight you can´t see in the Czech republic.

The museum was very overwhelming and modern. At first we had a workshop with Cassandra from the Bonn university. Unfortunately, she couldn´t show us her presentation, because of some technical difficulties. The main theme was the EU. We played some games - for example the Parliament Bingo, in which we had to look for information about EU. Then we've played the Cornergame, in which we had to decide some things about the EU and then come to the right corner. We had a great time.

After this we went to see the exhibition of German modern history from the end of the second world war until the breaking of the Berlin wall. It was quite fast, because we had to hurry up to see Cologne, so we didn´t see everything. It was very interesting to see the difference between East (DDR) and West (BRD) Germany and their development. One guide told a group his own experiences from that time, because he was quite old and he lived through it.

Then we went back to the buses and started off to Cologne. In front of the cathedral we split up in a few little groups out of more less 5 people and went into the city. We saw many interesting places and people and the food was great, especially the “Döner” (Kebab). Some of us bought some clothes or different stuff. It started to rain, which was very unpleasant, but we didn't mind and went on with our shopping. At 17:45 we met in front of the cathedral and ran to the buses. Finally, we went back to Bad Marienberg.

When we arrived, all of us were really hungry, so we had a late dinner right away. We were very tired, so we went into our rooms and played some games or relaxed. Then we went to sleep.

It was very interesting day and I have greatly enjoyed every minute of it.

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