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Education in Europe

What is eTwinning?

by Simone Richter, 2010

We congratulate: eTwinning celebrated on the 5th May, 2010 his 5-th birthday.

Different schools took part in the birthday balloon action. They sent eTwinning balloons in the sky. Also a group of pupils from different European countries joined in the celebration: They came from the Europahaus Bad Marienberg.

Now the question: what is eTwinning?

eTwinning is a free internet website where you can search for an international partnership with countries from Europe. So you can work with them. With this website it is easy to start an exchange with other countries. The pupils from the different countries work together in a “virtual classroom”. There they use chats, e-mails or blogs to communicate. eTwinning helps teachers who search a new cooperation with individual advice and material for school lessons. Furthermore the teachers have the chance to meet colleague from the other countries in a seminar. The website also supports partnerships which exist to make this connection stronger. All school forms can use eTwinning. If you want to use eTwinning you have to go on their website and you have to login.  All in all 90.000 schools from 32 European nations use the website, so all members of the EU and the countries Norway, Island, Turkey, Macedonia and Croatia. Every country has a station which attends the internet website. In Germany the Station is called “Schulen ans Netz e.V.” and the Station stands in Bonn. With eTwinning we are on the right way and European will be multicultural and multilingual.


In my opinion eTwinning advances the communication of the countries and helps Europeans come together.

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