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History of Europe


by Adrianna Stolarczyk, 2010

 Israel, which is located on the Asian continent, is territorially separated from Europe. Despite that it maintains close relations with the European Union, never tried on it is membership. Visit of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, however, changed the current situation –politician confessed, that he would like to see Israel among the countries of the Community.
The head of the Israeli government (Benjamin Netanyahu) described his guest as "one of the greatest friends of Israel,'' visiting Italian delegation -,,historical’’. The European Union urgently contemplated agree to deeper relationship with Israel, but the ministers added, that the deepening of these relations should have an impact on the peace process in the Middle East and finding a solution to the conflict by the coexistence of two states.
       Discussions on this topic began at the Association Council EU-Israel. Supporters of the country's accession to the European Union, such as Benjamin Netanhaju, Shimon Peres, Silwan Schalom, Silvio Berlusconi and Marco Pannella, cites several arguments in support of this decision. These are cultural and social links with Europe, membership in the UN and WTO, high economic growth, as well as the 46th place in the index of economic freedom, an Israeli observer in the Council of Europe and a candidate for the OECD. Not everyone, however, believe that the entrance of Israel into the European Union is a proper thing to do. They support the argument that Israel does not meet the Copenhagen criteria, failure to comply with international law and human rights and location the country on the Asian continent. The case is also still current Israeli conflict - Palestinian. Opponents see, that it will be a big problem with common agricultural  policy.

       The European Commission does not currently extend to Israel, because the country did not began negotiations. Israel still has a lot to change in its policy that became a potential, a realistic candidate country for European Union.

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