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Education in Europe

Being Au-pair in a foreign European country

by Lara ..., 2010

Working as an Au-pair in a foreign country is a great perspective for everyone who is over the age of seventeen and knows the different language quite well. The stay can help you with the expansion of your horizon, to get to know different habits, to improve the foreign language and to get ready for a longer stay abroad (e.g.: with regards to an education in another country). As an Au-pair you are living in a host family, where it is your business to attend to the family's children, to get the children to kindergarden or school, to help the kids with their homework and to cook them a meal. The question now is: What are the advantages of being an Au-pair in Europe in comparison to being an Au-pair in America or Australia?

To answer that question, I will tell you a bit more about being an Au-pair in two different European countries. First I will tell you something about the working situation in Germany and after that I will tell you something about being an Au-pair in England.

The convenience of working as an Au-pair in Germany is the language, which you can use in many countries (like in Austria or in Switzerland) and it is not often taught in school. English on the other hand should be a condition. The conditions of employment are very good in Germany. 

England also is a very popular place to go for an Au-pair. The working conditions are similar to Germany. Almost all host families are looking for an Au-pair, who stays for at least one year. So if you are looking for a job, which does not take such a long time, you have to wait for a few month or you have to look for another country.

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