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Institutions of the EU

The European council of ministers: Where decisions are made?

by Johana Kucerova, 2010

The term European Council is called regular meetings of Heads of State or Government of EU member countries. It was founded in December 1974  and first met 1975 in Dublin. The mission of the European Council is giving impetus to European union to further development and determine its general direction. Conclusions of all meetings are public.The European Council shall meet four times a year in the country, which is currently chaired by the Council. Since 1 July 1998 presidency has rotated every six months in the following order: Austria, Germany, Finland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands. European council should not be confused with the Council of Europe, which is an independent international organizations, or with The Council of the European Union .

Before I write this article I did not know anything about European Council. So this topic is very hard to me. I am not interest in politician situation and I hope that next time I will receive better subject.

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