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History of Europe

Europe and the common fight against terrorism

by Natalie Ilinska, 2010

Terrorism in Europe is nothing new, for example England, Spain or Ireland have their own experiences. Fight with terrorism in European Union is understood as a job for secret services, justice and police forces, because terroristic organisations like Al-Kaida or Hamas are able to aquire false documents, weapons or money - that problem requires very deliberate international cooperation. 

Something else is military collaboration in critical areas.

There are mainly two institutions, whose task it is to control and fight against these organisations: Europol and Eurojust.


EU has created groups of experts who tried to find out the best solution for everyone. The example could be Europol, group of international experts who analyse facts and data from the other member countries. Europol also provides support to member countries and it focuses primarily on radical islamic imminency.


Eurojust enables justic cooperation and coordination of countries. Every country has its own delgate in Eurojust. They also issuing "eurowarrant", which is valid in all countries of European Union.

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