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Living in Europe

This is what the Polish are like...

by Patryk Serafin, 2010

Poland is a country, which is received as full of contradictions, complexes, racist opinions and alcoholic drinkers. From the other hand people think about it as very Catholic, tolerant and hospitable. What are the Polish really like?

For Poles very important is their faith, especially the bond with Maria – Christ’s Mother, who is the saint patron of the country. This relation was very often told by John Paul II.

Poles have always been tolerant and helpful. They helped not only themselves, but also other nations. An example may be the hiding of Jewish children during the II World War or help for Georgia in her conflict with Russia.

This nation many times proved its bravery. Poles can boast that their oposition party as the first in Europe overturned communistic government. Polish people always feel solidarity with Europe, for example Wien’s Victory (when Turkey bessieged Wien, Poles came and set city free) and victory near Monte Casino (Poles gained position, which were considered as inaccessible).

It is very hard to describe all Polish traits. I have only presented some advantages, of course there are some disadvantages like: laziness, impulsiveness, alcoholism...

What are the Polish like? – It cannot be precisied... But you should check it!

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