Magdalena Machowiak

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Institutions of the EU

EU for people

by Magdalena Machowiak, 2010

The Commission of EU every year introduced many reforms. This reforms are helping many countries in Europe. The Commission alone is responsible for drawing up proposals for new EU. These proposals must aim the defend the interests of the Union. Commission is making proposition of new aspects and problems developing in Europe. The members of Commission are connected with interest partners and institutions: the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. It collect opinions of national parliaments and governments in Europe country. There are options action at EU, when they have got problems. To solving the problems European Commission consult with various advisory committees and consultative groups, because they Europe develop and give the people new opportunities and better life. EU Commission is doing everything to ensure that young people have better prospects for life. The committee must take the task assigned by the European parliament and council those relating to the common agricultural policy, fisheries, energy, regional development, the environment, or youth, and educational training and exchange schemes, such as the Erasmus programmer. I believe that the committee of the European Union is an institution that cares for the lives of Europeans. committee members are trying to change the lives of people in Europe for the better through the introduction of reforms.

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