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Institutions of the EU

Crisis in Greece - problem of the EU?

by Jakub Pieczka, 2010

            For several months we have heard about the crisis which has struck Greece. It has a large scale and is ruining the economy of this country. What, in this case, should the EU do?

            Greece has been in the EU since 1981. The crisis came after the collapse of the World Stock Market and so far it has made lots of people jobless and lots of companies have gone bankrupt. The Greek government apealled to the EU to make other members to give them financial help to stabilize the Greek economy. The Union helped, buy it did not make other changes to improve living conditions in this Southern European country.

            The government wanted to introduce an austerity program. This is why people started striking in Athens and Saloniki. They closed schools, hospitals, airports; stopped trains and ferries. The country was cut off from the world. The European community decided to help Greece if they would cut in spending money. It will mean smaller salaries, bigger taxes, for which the nation doesn’t agree. Should the EU decide to help Greece without limits?

            In my opinion one of the most important tasks of the EU is helping countries which have economic or political problems. The assumption is the equality of all EU countries, whereas the Greek crisis weakens the country, and the consequences can be tragic. Three people were killed as a result of the riots, and, as I have already pointed out, many people have been without money for living. All of the EU countries should help Greece, especially, these, for which Greece is an economical partner. This crisis is a problem of the whole Europe, so the whole Europe has to solve.


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