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Education in Europe

How many foreign languages should pupils in the EU be able to speak?

by Karina Kubis, 2010

     European Union has got a wide range of cultures, traditions and beliefs. Multiplicity of languages motivates people to open their minds and learn new languages. In today's life, we're realising that the language barrier is much bigger than before because we have more contact with foreigners. During trips, foreign exchanges, or even because of the globalisation, we are forced to use the languages different from our own.

      Everyone has got a right to learn, no matter their age or needs. Each day, we have got greater opportunities to develop, therefore there are more and more people who are able to speak in more than one language. An educated person should be able to use at least two languages and one of them should be English. English is the most common language used in the world. People who can fluently speak in different languages can easily study abroad, but also they have got bigger chances to find a job. Employers usually look for people who can speak in more than one European language. The most valuable is knowledge of English language, then German and then French. Also Spanish is now very popular because of the fascination with Latin American countries and their very well developed tourism. On the other hand, neophilologists predict crucial year for Russian language, which starts to be used again because of the business and political contacts. They are sure that the knowledge of one of the European languages and Russian language would guarantee you a success.

      Everyone understands the need of learning new languages, however, we need to remember that we shouldn't be learning them just to succeed in life, but also for pleasure. Reading a book written in a different language or taking part in international lectures will give us a huge satisfaction and it is also really joyful.

      Foreign languages are certainly very important, but we should remember to cultivate our native language. Knowledge of at least two languages, including your native language, is the key to success. Young people should think about their future!

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