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Institutions of the EU

Does Europe need a centralized government?

by Agnieszka Witosz, 2010

  Authority in Europe is focus in the EU institution's hands. Each country elects their representatives. But should the authority be centralized? Does it mean the elimination of national governments?

  From each country members there shall be delegates elected to the European parliament, which exercises the legislative authority of the European Union. It leads to improve life of nations of the community. It means that Europe is committed to a centralized government.

  A very big obstacle is the fact that not all countries of our continent belong to the European community. More than once history has shown us the cases of decay when countries are combined, for example Czechoslovakia, Austria-Hungary and Yugoslavia. It happened in effect of revolution, coup etc.

  In my opinion EU can't allow itself a breach in its structure which can be made after liquidation of sovereignity of each country to create a centralized government. Fights for autonomy or bigger part in authority could be a huge threat, and lead for example to the next world war

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