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Education in Europe

Which subject should every Pupil in the EU take until finishing school?

by Manoel Flesch, 2010

Because of the different school systems in the countrys of the EU, the question is raised which subjects each student in Europe should take to ensure an equal education standard. Also we have to ask if it would be useful if every student in Europe had a defined stadard of education.

In today's century of media and quick information every student and also adult should know how to work with the computer, use the internet and other media like TV for example. In Germany for that we have computer science where you learn everything about computers and basic knowledge of programming.

For a later academic or professional career, however, different skills are required. In Germany, already in elementary school there are offered a variety of general subjects in some there are even additional ways to learn a foreign language. Foreign languages are particularly important in professions where you need to communicate with many different people and also help you immensely to find a training place and they are necessary in most EU countries in order to obtain an advanced degree. The English language is a subject which probably every student should learn and most students in the EU actually do so. Depending on their career aspirations and place of residence,a third foreign language is an advantage and should be chosen depending on the neigbor states. In those regions of Germany which are close to France and Luxembourg, French is a useful language. The fundamental subjects which each student should learn are also math, geography, history and the native language in which you should be able to write and read. In addition to this we should have a good general education and, depending on career aspirations, have expertise in this area.

It is already difficult to find an appropriate education system in your own country and if someone would try to find a uniform system for the different EU countries, which can be given to all EU citizens and should bring to the same level of education to Europe it would certainly fail because of the different circumstances.

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