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Education in Europe

Apprenticeship or University?

by Katarzyna Hlubek, 2010

      Apprenticeship or University? This is the question which is definitely asked by lots of teenagers in Europe and maybe all over the world.

    Apprenticeship is better for people who know what they want to do and they have a definite plan for the future. Students choose the technical or vocational secondary school where they will learn stated profession. They know better how work looks in a definite range. During the work practice people gain experience and after graduating from school they get a job and a lot of them can start working. Some students are employed in the companies where they worked before, and they hold the position of these companies. If they would like to change their profession, they must make a fresh start.

On the other hand students have a choice to study at  university. After graduation they have higher qualifications. Thanks to this, people can work in better positions. It is longer,  high level work but the salary is more satisfiing. Students have lots of possibilities in different areas.  They get to know the history and function of various institutions. People who study at Universities are in contact with many cultures and religions, so their sophistication is higher than that of their countrymen.

    In my opinion studying is better for people who are hardworking or brave. They can cause faster development of some institutions and new scientific discoveries.

However, vocational secondary school should be chosen by people who have smaller ambitions, and do not want more education.

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